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.rar Include below a list of free science programs for students. Our list includes books that are great for kids to check out, kits that have fun experiments for kids to try, and educational videos and games. World War I is often presented as a war between the “Allies” and the “Central Powers” (an ideological conflict based on nationalisms, pan-Germanism and other forms of imperialism). Earlier this year, Chancellor Merkel asked the G20 leaders to work together to tackle the issue. “We will then ensure that the violations of international law are addressed.”Q: How to make drop down list in html to display results of database query using php? I am working on a website on which I am trying to display the details of a record which is selected from the database. When the user clicks on the link of the name I want the user to be redirected to a search page in which the details of the selected name should appear in a drop down list. I am using PHP and MySQLi to connect to my server. I have an HTML form which will select a record from the database when the user clicks on the link of the record. In the drop down I want to display the column in which the record was saved. HTML CODE SELECT {$row['name']}"; } ?> The above code only displays the name of the record in the drop down. I want to display the column in which the record was saved. How to do it? A: Check if this can help you:



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